Tekken tag? I'd love to side step your weak shit and punish you into t2, fake gamer slut. Fat bitch who tries to get some dick on playstation network or live, whatever shit system you have that you know nothing about other than inserting discs into a tray.


Oh my…

What the actual fuck. I’ve never actually seen the “fake gamer girl” shit in action before, this is fucking ridiculous. I’m so sorry you have to deal with assholes, dear. ]:

Boyfriend played a demo of Diablo III today, so we are picking up a copy on Friday, and then he, my friend Bri, and I are all going to have a wonderful weekend. I haven’t been this excited for a [personal] gaming event since Cataclysm dropped. 

  · I have a 3DS now

And the only game I have is KH:DDD so I’m looking for suggestions.

Resident Evil
Pokemon B/2, HG, X
Super Smash Bros
Animal Crossing New Leaf

Any others?

Soldier’s Peak

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Guys please watch Video Game High School. It’s fucking hilarious.

  · Where did the last four hours of my life go?

this is why we stopped playing mmo’s…..